Finding new perspectives – a podcast edition

One of my favorite things to do on my commute to and from school is to listen to podcasts.   I have been expanding my list that I subscribe to, and I think I will post on a fairly regular basis about various podcasts, because they are another way to get information on a variety of topics.

One of my favorite podcasts last year was the excellent Sampler from Gimlet Media.  The show is over now, but Brittany Luse, the wonderful host, is creating a new show, so I am excited for that.  While the podcast is over, if you are new to the world of podcasting, Sampler is a great place to try. There are only about 31 episodes, and each episode gives people a sampling  of various other podcasts- hence the name.  It helped me find Buzzfeed’s Another Round, which I look forward to weekly.  The show is hosted by Tracy Clayton and Heben Nigatu, and each week they interview different people, and also offer perspectives on a wide range of topics.  Their interviews with Hilary Clinton and Lin Manual Miranda are excellent, as are most of their other interviews.  They tend to ask questions I do not hear on different shows, and they bring a great joy to their work.

The last podcast I wanted to mention in this context is See Something, Say Something, which is another Buzzfeed podcast, this one hosted by Ahmed Ali Akbar, in which he talks to a variety of Muslims about their faith and experiences.  In a current environment where Muslims are often not well understood, such a show is a valuable addition.

While at this point I have not used a lot of podcasts with students, they are podcasts that help me be a better educator and librarian.  Sometimes book recommendations are shared, sometimes I simply gain a new perspective.

What are podcasts you listen to?  How are you getting information from a variety of viewpoints and perspectives?