The Road Here

Last year sometime, while driving my son to daycare in the blue – blackness of early morning, I had a scary thought.  What if the bulk of writing I did on this Earth was commenting in the margins of student essays?  What if most of my work ended up disregarded and in a landfill?  I’m sure part of the depth of the melodrama that day was due to the earliness of the hour, and the volume of essays I was in the midst of grading, but it did really start me thinking about what I wanted from the future.  I had talked to our previous librarian about getting enrolled in a school librarian certification program, but the timing had never seemed quite right.  When our librarian had to retire earlier than she had planned, I really thought I had missed my window, but then the library aide at the time asked if I was going to apply.  For once, I decided to take the plunge, and both apply for the position, and to a school librarianship program.  I knew getting the job was a longshot, but against all odds I was hired.  I am loving the library thus far, and I am so excited to learn and grow throughout the program.  My favorite moments of the day are when I help a student, or a teacher, find something they need.  It isn’t that the library is less work, but it is more of the work I really like – planning, collaborating with teachers, and working on programming to encourage reading.


Getting Started

I have thought about starting a blog for awhile now, but there has been substantial dithering.  Over the summer, I started to research blog construction, and even started some post drafts, but ultimately decided to wait.  I did some prior blogging with students on when I was a classroom teacher, but it was a contained site, and only those with permission could see it.  While I am starting this blog for a class, I hopeful it will grown and change as I really embark on a new stage in my career, I was hired as the district Library Media Specialist in a small rural school district, and I am concurrently getting my library certification.  I have a lot to learn, and am excited about new adventures.