Summer Reading – Week 2

IMG_1395This book is really very funny, and has a fun narrator, who is always making fun of himself, and his awkward encounters with people.  While he is telling the story of what it was like to have a friend that dies of cancer, the book is really about Greg Gaines, the narrator.  The novel is sometimes crass, sometimes touching, but at its core is about an original voice, with an interesting cast of characters.  I really did find myself laughing several times.


      This was a pitch black tale of a tragic death by murder, and the vengeance that begins next.  The first section is where we learn that the teacher in the story is leaving the profession, partly because of the death of her four year old daughter.  When she tells the class that two of their classmates were responsible for the death, events begin to spiral out from there.  The rest of the novel is told from different viewpoints, a different viewpoint each section, and each section is riveting, and well written.  We also see the path of evil, and what varied paths come from seeking vengeance instead of justice. This is the type of novel that I think will stay with me for some time.


While at the library with my son the other day, I told him I wanted to get a book for myself, as well as the books we were getting for him.  We were passing the new book display, and he grabbed this one for me.  It sounded interesting, so I gave it a try.  This turned out to be a great random choice, and paired well with Confessions.

Lacy Eye is the story of Hanna Schutt, a woman who, three years ago, survived the brutal beating that killed her husband.  Her daughter’s boyfriend was convicted of the crimes, and Hanna has no memory of that night.  The action of the novel begins when Hanna is told that Rud Petty will get a new trial, and that the D.A. wants her to testify, because it seems that Rud will go free otherwise.  As Hanna struggles to remember that night, she is also faced with derision from people that are convinced her daughter Dawn was involved, and the stressor of Dawn moving back home.  Hanna moves forward with her life, and backward in her memories, trying to grasp the truth.  Hanna is a well- drawn, interesting character; and this is a great mystery/ crime story, but it is generally the story of a family


      The last novel I read this week was Heartlight, by T.A. Barron.  I found it while I was doing a project in the library that involved adding external labels to series, and T.A. Barron had at least two, if not three series, so I thought I should give one a go.  While this was called Sci – Fi  in the blurbs, I think it reads more like a Fantasy.  It did remind me strongly of A Wrinkle in Time, although this novel, published in 1990, felt more dated than A Wrinkle in Time.  Parts of it also felt familiar, so it is possible I read this as a junior high student when it first came out.


Author: JSBennivan

I am starting my third year as a school librarian, my seventeenth year in education. I finished my school library certification courses in August of 2016.

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