Reading Resolution: February – Part 1

The Moon Moth This month, I am getting started much earlier on my graphic novel resolution.  I chose The Moon Moth by Jack Vance, adapted into a graphic novel by Humayoun Ibrahim.  This was an excellent  choice, as the artwork was absolutely beautiful, and I feel this will be a great recommendation for the students that enjoy Science Fiction.  There is also an essay at the very beginning that explains the legacy of Jack Vance, and I will admit to not being very familiar with the author before I read this graphic novel.

I admit that it took me several pages of story to understand what was going on in the story.  The story takes place on a distant planet with a strict social hierarchy.  Everyone wears masks, and communicates through musical instruments.  There are almost no outsiders in the closed society of the story, but the protagonist is one of only four.  When he has to search for an outlaw, he faces numerous problems.

The artwork, as I mentioned was beautiful, and the story was engaging.  Introducing us to a very different society through a character we can relate to is a trope of science fiction, and in this case was well deployed.


Author: JSBennivan

I am starting my third year as a school librarian, my seventeenth year in education. I finished my school library certification courses in August of 2016.

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