Reading Resolution: February – Part Two

The second graphic novel for this month is Tower of Treasure by Scott Chantler.  It is the first in the Three Thieves series.  This particular graphic novel series came to my attention through student inquiry, and several students have checked out the fifth book since it came in our Junior Library Guild book shipment for the junior high.

The graphic novel is a classic origin story, with the three titular characters starting as circus performers.  Dessa is a 14-year – old acrobat with a tragic past, and is hunting the man that took her brother, Princess Bride style.  Like that movie, this is a team of people with interesting skills, and a great deal of differences to overcome.  The other two members of the team areTopper, a juggler and master thief, and the strongman, Fisk.  It moved quickly, and contained plenty of dangerous situations and action.

This series should appeal to students that enjoy adventure, quests, and the struggle between power and poverty.  It was a quick, engaging read, appropriate for junior high students.

What are your favorite graphic novels?  What really resonates with your students?


Valentine’s Day, A Tale of Three Signs

So far, I am finding February to be a fun month for book displays.  We put up a trio of displays that were Valentine’s day related for the first part of the month.   Our first display is the biggest, and will stay up until the related book talk on the 26th of the month.  I printed Valentine_Romance book talks on pink paper, and surrounded it with quotations about love from various writers.

The next display over got our Ferris Day Display Sign. I printed this one on blue paper, so it was different from the other signs.  I know that several students do not enjoy Valentines day, so this was a nod to them, and one of the most eclectic displays I have put together so far.  It celebrates all of the other events to celebrate on February 14, and had books for the other days.

Finally, we had our Blind Date with a book sign, we ended up calling this “Mystery Date with a book”, and I got the idea from Pinterest, but we did have a lot of these books go out, which is why we had wrapped several in advance.  This also went over well at our 5-6 grade building, the aide there had to actually recruit others to keep up with the wrapping demand!  I made all of the signs in Google Draw, using images from the Google search imbedded in the program, which calls up images that are approved for reuse with modification.

Here is the picture from the junior/senior high school:IMG_0793

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope you had as much fun with some of your Valentine related displays as we did here!

Reading Resolution: February – Part 1

The Moon Moth This month, I am getting started much earlier on my graphic novel resolution.  I chose The Moon Moth by Jack Vance, adapted into a graphic novel by Humayoun Ibrahim.  This was an excellent  choice, as the artwork was absolutely beautiful, and I feel this will be a great recommendation for the students that enjoy Science Fiction.  There is also an essay at the very beginning that explains the legacy of Jack Vance, and I will admit to not being very familiar with the author before I read this graphic novel.

I admit that it took me several pages of story to understand what was going on in the story.  The story takes place on a distant planet with a strict social hierarchy.  Everyone wears masks, and communicates through musical instruments.  There are almost no outsiders in the closed society of the story, but the protagonist is one of only four.  When he has to search for an outlaw, he faces numerous problems.

The artwork, as I mentioned was beautiful, and the story was engaging.  Introducing us to a very different society through a character we can relate to is a trope of science fiction, and in this case was well deployed.